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Back the Future


Welcome Letter From The President


Welcome everyone to the 2016-17 school year!


NISD Council of PTAs was chartered in 1961 under the authority of the Texas PTA. With us embarking on a new school year, the NISD Council of PTAs is composed of over 22,000 PTA/PTSA members within 107 Local Units, serving over 100,000 students and their families. As a District we are one of the top four in the State and within the top ten of the Nation’s largest Districts.


We, the Council Board of volunteers, have been busy preparing for the exciting year ahead! We are looking forward to meeting all of you and working with each of the Local PTAs in fulfilling the PTA Mission:


To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Every child - one voice.


We as a Board are here to assist the various Local PTAs within this vast District. We offer a variety of Training classes and support classes with materials; which include the Local Board Orientation training where we can come to your school. Along with the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship, Healthy Lifestyles, and Reflections Fine Arts Program, Council publishes five newsletters a year.


Along with classes and programs, we hope that by using our website you be able to find useful information. If you have any additional questions, the Council Board members’ contact information can also be found on the website. Don’t forget to have everyone on your Local Board to “Like” the Council Face Book page. We will also be posting any new information and news there. We hope to see many of you at the General Assembly meetings held at the Northside Activity Center. They will be on September 1, November 3, January 5, March 2, and May 4.


On behalf of the members of Council, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to each of you, the parents, grandparents, family members, community members, teachers and administrators for all the work you do each day on behalf of the children in the community. Thank you because you “Back the Future”.


Michelle Montemayor – President
Northside ISD Council of PTAs



Hot Topics:


Nominees for 2016-2017 Officers for Executive Board of NISD Council of PTAs

President: Michelle Montemayor

1st Vice President: Marisa Flores-Mascorro

2nd Vice President: Linda Ancira

3rd Vice President: Delma Gonzales

4th Vice President: Larry Rowe

Secretary: Liz Reichman

Treasurer: Jennifer Hernandez




Eric Snow of Watch D.O.G.S spoke at our Sept. 4th General Meeting




General Assembly Meetings will be on September 1st, November 3rd, January 5th, March 2nd and May 4th at 7:00 PM at the NAC


Founders Day Event will be February 2nd, 2017 starting at 6:00 PM


Vendor Fair will be March 2nd 2017 from 1:00 PM - 6:45 PM


Council Reflections Awards Ceremony will be April 6th, starting at 7:00 PM


Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Reception will be May 4th, starting at 6:00 PM


NISD Council of PTAs' Goals:

  • Increase Membership by 3% within 50% of Local PTAs
  • Build Leadership and Relationships by Increasing Training and Meeting Attendance



1. Make sure to send copies of treasurer reports for your board and general meetings to the Vice President assigned to your PTA.

2. Remind officers and chairpersons to update procedure books thoughout the year. Some PTAs have a transition meeting so that the current board members can give the binders to new members who will be taking over their duties and can answer any questions. When possible leaving contact information is helpful for any questions later on.

3. Make sure that you designate the signers on your account as needed due to changes in officers and note them in your minutes.

4. Designate who he non-signer is that will open and sign your monthly bank statements each month and note this in your minutes.

5. Financial reconciliation should be completed prior to a new treasurer taking over the books and writing any checks, or any time a signer is added or deleted on the account.

Please let us know of any questions you may have at any time.

Michelle Montemayor, President
Northside ISD Council of PTAs


National PTA has adopted a new vision and mission for PTA:

Vision: Every child's potential is a reality.

Mission: To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

In Spanish:

Visión de la PTA:
El potencial de cada niño es una realidad.

Misión de la PTA:
Hacer realidad el potencial de cada niño comprometiendo, apoderando, y abogando por todos los niños, las familias, y las comunidades.

Please be sure to update the new vision and mission on all of your materials and communications.


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