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Get An Early Start!

Its a good idea to kick off the Reflections Program at your first PTA Meeting!


Arts in Education Programs



Welcome to the 2016-17 Arts in Education Year! This year’s theme is, “What is Your Story?”




Get Started!

You can access the program checklist at This checklist will help you get started and explain the judging, advancing entries and recognition phases.



Participate in the program by first becoming familiar with the Texas PTA Rules and Guidelines at



Promote your program by using the logo, poster and flier at


Judging, Advancing Entries and Recognition

Resources for the judging, advancing your entries and recognizing your students are available at



Contact the Arts in Education Chair at,


Cesar Mascorro Jr.

Arts in Education, Chair

Northside ISD Council of PTAs



Texas PTA Forms and Guidelines can be found at


Reflections Webinar

Click here to listen



Please read the important forwarded message from Texas PTA regarding forms and guidelines:


We are updating the Reflections page (go to Programs/Arts in Education and click Reflections in the table) on the Texas PTA website, as we get information from National PTA. If you read through this webpage, you will gain an insight on the changes to the Reflections process.


Please take a moment to go to the Arts in Education page and click on the link to sign up to get arts in education information and important program updates. I will be using this distribution list to communicate updates and ideas through out the year. Please encourage all local and council Arts in Education/Reflections Chairs that you know to sign up as well.


We will continue to update this webpage (i.e. webinar dates, category rules, sample online Student Entry Template, promotion and other administrative tools) over the next few weeks. We're hoping to receive all necessary links, forms and administrative tools from National PTA by mid-September. We will provide access to this information as soon as we receive it.


I hope you find them helpful. After reading each of these documents, feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Wishing you a successful 2014-2015 Reflections program!


Heather Ashwell-Hair

Vice President Programs and Resources

(800) 825-5782



Environmental Awareness


Why Environmental Awareness?


The Texas PTA is working to promote environmental awareness initiatives that unite parents, students, teachers and campus administrators in an effort to protect children and their environment. Environmental awareness is often associated with term sustainability, which means the capacity to endure. Many of the habits and systems we have created are unsustainable, and developing sustainable use of natural resources will require collaboration and education. Sustainable systems apply to living conditions, economies, technology and individual behaviors that conserve natural resources. It is important for our children to understand their role in environmental stewardship because a sustainable and clean environment contributes directly to student success and well being.


Program Resources

Environmental Chair's Guide

TCEQ Take Care of Texas





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