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Healthy Lifestyles



Healthy Lifestyles Quick Start Guide


Why have a Healthy Lifestyles program?

  • Parents want to be certain they are doing the right things to ensure their children grow into healthy, happy adults.
  • Schools want to be certain they are doing the right things to ensure their students stay in school and graduate as educated, productive adults.


What do you need to do?

  • Become familiar with National and Texas PTA resources.
  • Attend Local PTA executive board and regular meetings.
  • Visit with your school principal to determine how to support Local District Wellness Policy and healthy lifestyles initiatives.
  • Determine local issues and needs through PTA websites, local and national media, school district policies, school board meeting topics, and member surveys.


Where can I get more information?


If you have any questions on the Healthy Lifestyles Program, please contace


Liz Reichman

Northside ISD Council of PTAs

Healthy Lifestyles, Chair




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Healthy Lifestyles Fit Kids Collaborative


FitKids is the newest healthy lifestyles initiative. This flagship program will create a sustainable network of parents, administrators and resource providers to support effective coordinated school health efforts and realize increased student achievement.


A key component of the FitKids initiative is the FitKids Collaborative. This innovative framework will bring together parent leaders and school representatives from nearly 40 Central Texas school districts, along with agents of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.


Visit the Texas PTA Fit Kids page at



January 2015 brought a new ordinance to San Antonio



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